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Your potential with hypnotherapy is unlimited.  With hypnosis you can take control of your life, modify your behavior, replace bad habits with more desirable actions, rid yourself of phobias and reach your potential in all areas of your life including but not limited to:

  • reduce stress
  • lose weight
  • eliminate fears, phobias, undesirable habits
  • improve memory, concentration & skills
  • elevate self-esteem
  • explore past lives
  • explore dreams and fantasies
  • promote a sense of well-being
  • start using self-hypnosis
Self-hypnosis is a wonderful way to explore dreams and fantasies which reveal aspects of ourselves.  Characters in our dreams and fantasies show us who we are as well as our reason for being.  

"True Fantasies: Shadows in the Mind" is a tale about a soul family, traveling through a series of lifetimes.  Some incur karmic debit and choose future lives that offer opportunities for atonement.  Others return to assist them as they seek to purify their souls and fulfill their destinies.  Perhaps by reading my story, your imagination will be stirred and you will be inspired to explore your own true fantasies to discover how the characters in your dreams have played major roles in shaping your life to this point in time.  We all share many fantasies. Don't be surprised if you find yourself among the characters in my book.  You may also recognize many of the other characters as people in your life today.