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Massage Therapy

Massage, accompanied with soft music and dim lighting produces a blissful feeling of tranquility.  Our goal is to promote a homey atmosphere where you can relax and be comfortable with your licensed therapist.

We believe your body will let you know how frequently you need to schedule a massage. We do not attempt to hard sell you or to insist that you buy a package. 

We encourage you to be on time for your appointment.  Our time is your time.  When you schedule a massage, you can be sure you will get the time you pay for.  We do not deduct minutes for undressing before your massage or for dressing afterwards.  

Massage stimulates the nervous system, wakes up your muscles, organs and glands, assists cells to produce and release chemicals and hormones and reverse the damage caused by stress.

Massage therapy has many benefits including, but not limited to:

Reduced muscle tension
Improved circulation
Stimulation of the lymphatic system
Reduction of stress hormones
Increased joint mobility and flexibility
Improved skin tone
Improved recovery of soft tissue injuries
Relieve anxiety